I’ve been busy!!

They make my life better!
They make my life better!

For being unemployed my schedule has been crazy since I have been home! They say if you want to change your life you have to change what you do everyday, and I am finding that to be quite true!!

Before treatment, I would sit around on the computer all day, drinking secretly, and basically refusing to leave my house ever. No wonder I was depressed and miserable! Since I have been home, it has been non-stop appointments, some shopping (I needed some clothes that fit), and meetings. Its been busy but it has been good.

We used to schedule all our appointments as early as possible so we could come home and not worry about having to go out again, but now I am missing my mornings and writing first thing. I have actually not posted the last two days because I haven’t been home and I don’t like to write later in the day.  For some reason, I just really enjoy starting my day with a few cups of coffee and writing. It just sets me up for a good day, and I have missed that the last two days.

So it’s time to reevaluate the schedule. Since we actually like leaving the house now, morning appointments are a thing of the past. Active afternoons will now be the norm.

In other news, we took our two dogs to a homeopathic veterinarian today and the results were immediate and awesome! We have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to help them in the last several months as both of them are old girls now with all the ailments that come with a long life.

Our Boxer is losing feeling in her hind legs due to spinal degeneration/arthritis and has been having trouble walking and keeping her legs under her. We took her to two orthopedic surgeons and a neurologist who did nothing but put her on a steroid treatment and recommended an MRI to locate the problem area (the MRI would have been $2300). All the while she has been getting worse.

Our Rottweiler also has arthritis and has a nail infection that won’t go away (even with the $300 a month antibiotic) and she keeps losing her nails. She is also quite nervous at the vet.

The woman we went and saw today pinpointed the issues, “talked” to the dogs, and both of them were visibly relieved. She performed acupuncture on the Boxer and treated her with an herbal tincture along her spine – with immediate results in how she walks and supports herself. She spent 2 1/2 hours between both dogs and sent us home with instructions for massage, allergy relief/identification tools, and herbal medicines all for around $400.

Now I will admit that I am a bit skeptical about some of the homeopathic things out there. I do believe in energy and energy manipulation to promote health and wellness, as well as herbal treatments for certain issues. I am open to trying anything for myself or the dogs, but you know, a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted even for “modern” healthcare.  For the price though, at this point I would recommend a homeopathic vet to anyone prior to dumping thousands of dollars for 2 minute vet visits and putting your animals on medications that will more than likely do more harm than good.

I don’t know how to recommend a good homeopathic vet but if you are in the Philadelphia area I would highly recommend the vet we went and saw today. The vet clinic does traditional veterinary services as well, so they aren’t JUST homeopathic. Here is their website: VCA Pets. We went to the location in Yardly, PA and saw the one homeopathic practitioner they have there. Simply amazing. It is wonderful to see our dogs relaxed and doing better, and it’s good for us too as we were really at our wits end as to how to make them comfortable.

Have any of you used non-traditional methods on yourselves or your animals? How did that work for you/them? 

I may not be posting tomorrow as I have another busy day starting early – who knows though I might squeak something out in the afternoon. 🙂




2 thoughts on “I’ve been busy!!”

  1. I’m all for alternative treatments whenever appropriate. Our vet has one of our dogs on a Chinese herb for bladder stones; Spud has had no symptoms for a few years. A previous dog had severe allergies, so I gave him Stinging Nettle, which is what I was taking for allergies at the time – it worked. My partner has had acupuncture and chiropractic care for he back – that works too and he was able to avoid spinal surgery.

    I know people who say that it’s the placebo effect at work with alternative therapies, but if that’s the case, why does it work on our companion animals? Any time I can avoid chemicals for us or our pets, I will. We don’t even use flea sprays and stuff; we use non-toxic treatments that work well. And our vet’s office has 2 vets that use herbs, acupuncture, massage, etc. for pets.

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